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All Natural Now: Beard Oil & Why Should A Man Use It?

There is just something about a well kept beard that attracts attention. A well kept beard is a head turner, a messy poorly groomed beard can turn a potential great look into a hot mess.

Fortunately, there’s an amazing product to help with keeping your beard healthy and well groomed and it’s called Beard oil. Beard oil has been around for years, however it wasn’t until just recently did it really start to take off when men discovered all the benefits that it gives. Packed with conditioning ingredients like jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil and Apricot Kernel oil, All Natural Now believes it is essential for maintaining facial hair.

Typically men don’t believe that they need to use any products at all, but in truth men should take care of their facial hair just as much as they take care of the hair on their heads. Once your beard begins to grow in, you will start to experience the typical itch. This usually happens about a month after untamed growth.  The reason for this increased itching is that your skin is drying out beneath your beard. A natural side effect from the dry skin will be a common problem that effects all men with beards that don’t use a beard oil. Just like your dandruff for your scalp, the flaking of your skin due to extreme dryness will also affect your beard.

The great part about beard oil is that its all natural, and able to compliment about any skin type.

Even if you have naturally oily skin, but are still experiencing dandruff – you shouldn’t skip using beard oil as a fear of increased acne and other skin aliment. Plant oils like jojoba act as a balance to your natural sebum oil and shouldn’t cause an uptick in acne production or clogged pores. In addition, some essential oils such as tea tree and sandalwood oil actually act as anti-septics which combat the onset of acne.

Here are a few tips that my help you see the benefits of adding beard oil to your daily routine.

Beard oil helps to moisturize the facial hair as well as the skin beneath.

Beard oil is hydrating to the skin and helps soften and tame beard hair, which means it also serves as a styling agent. The ideal beard should look shiny and groomed — not dusty, flaky and shaggy.

Apply beard right after washing your face.

All Natural Now recommends putting on beard oil after showering or cleansing. So your hair follicles and pores are open and can easily absorb the oil. Caring for skin, cleansing and moisturizing, is critical, especially if you live in a cold or dry climate. When applying Beard Oil remember that just a few drops is more than enough.

Simply rub a few drops of beard oil into your hand, then massage it throughout your beard. The amount of Beard Oil that you should use depends on the length and thickness of your beard. from 1 drop for just a mustache up to 10-12 drops for a full beard. A few drops in your palm, rub your hands together and massage throughout the beard.

Essential Oils Will Give You Both Great Aromas and Some Unexpected Positive Benefits

The star of the show with beard oil is definitely going to be the essential oils.

And what are essential oils?

There are literally hundreds of essential oils on the market, from cedarwood to lemon, and just about everything in between there will be scents to suit your nose.

Just like cologne, scents given off by essential oils are highly subjective and rest solely on the individuals shoulders to decide which one will suit them best.

Now it is important to note that when it comes to beard oil and the essential oils contained within it, they are more of a passive scent.  Therefore beard oil isn’t made to replace your cologne, in fact the scents given off by beard oil will be incredibly subtle a few hours after application.  Therefore you don’t have to worry about smelling overpowering when you apply it before you head out the door in the morning.

When deciding on a beard oil, one of the most common and most beloved scents are those that contain pine, sandalwood, or cedarwood.

However, with the essential oils, scents are only half of the story.

Many essential oils do indeed provide several topical benefits for your skin.  Some popular essential oils like sandalwood and tea tree double as an disinfectant which is great for your skin and pores.

This is important for men you may have acne flare ups from time to time as essential oils that are naturally antiseptics will actually clear out your pores thus likely reducing the occurrence of acne.  Every man of course is different, so results will vary from one guy to the next.

In addition to skin benefits its critical to mention the potency of essential oils. As inferred earlier, essential oils only make up a small portion of any beard oil, typically around 5% to 10%.

If you ever have a reaction to beard oil (although rare), in most cases it will be due to an essential oil.  If you have severely sensitive skin, of course you will always want to consult with your dermatologist, we would recommend steering clear of any citrus based essential oils as they are more likely to cause general skin irritation.

When considering a Beard Oil

With the beard trend taking off as it has of late, naturally you will have many different types of beard oils in the marketplace.

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering any of these beard oils.

First off, a good rule of thumb is that if the beard oil vendor doesn’t list the ingredients on the label, its best to avoid that product. Since this is a oil that you will be applying on a regular basis, the last thing you need to be doing is applying a mystery solution.

Secondly, and this goes for the cheaper oils, make sure you avoid products that contain synthetic ingredients

Lastly,  if the beard oil contains Vitamin E oil. Vitamin E oil is a nice little benefit that beard oil vendors are starting to include within their products. Vitamin E provides an extra layer of benefits for both your hair and skin that aren’t already covered in a carrier or essential oil.

All Natural Now Beard Oil
From the Golden state of California comes this fine beard oil developed by the folks at All Natural Now. All Natural Now has been around since 2013. This company is deeply invested in providing the highest quality essential oils and carrier oils and since they are not a MLM, but a small family business, Quality is the most important driving force of their business and not just trying to make a quick buck.

So with their history of working with essential oils and carrier oils, how does their beard oil stack up when compared to other popular brands in the marketplace? Overall, they deliver, and at an incredibly affordable price as well!

Regarding the bottle design, this comes with a restrictor valve, making for a easier application and measuring out pre-determined drops. In addition, the beautiful dark green color of the bottle will help to block out harmful UV rays that would otherwise destroy the integrity of the carrier and essential oils.

What’s In The Oil?
You would think that being this beard oil is so affordable that All Natural Now likely skimped out on the ingredients  however that’s simply not the case. In this beard oil you will find the following ingredients:

100 % Pure and Organic. Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Oil, Citrus Aurantium (Neroli) Oil, Santalum Spicatum (Sandalwood) Oil, Abies Balsamea (Balsam Fir Needle) Oil, Pogostemon Cablin (Patchouli Light) Oil

Generally speaking this beard oil delivers a nice mixture of earthy essential oils giving you that classic woodsy scent that many men desire in their favorite beard oils. Expect this terrific scent to last you a few hours and gradually dissipate throughout the day.

In addition to the wonderful Beard Oil All Natural Now also carries Shaving Oil as well as an After Shave. All of these products are hand-crafted with the finest essential oils and carrier oils. Making a great product that is very effective in helping you in your pursuit of skin and hair care products that are made with all natural ingredients, no preservatives or additives or chemicals…EVER.