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Fountains Of Solutions: Western Water And California Drought (Part 1)

Part 1: A Manmade Landscape Needs Less Central Planning Ah, California drought and clashes over water rights: Nothing new, but the Washington Post now proclaims “nervousness over the state’s epic drought has given way to alarm.” Today’s water supply and access issues in the West and notably in Central Valley California are the result of yesterday’s broader infrastructure, property rights ... Read More »

Four Elements Organics

A Small Organic Farm in the Central Coast Mountains of San Luis Obispo California Four Elements Organics is an organic farm in the Central Coast mountains of San Luis Obispo, California.  We have a unique Mediterranean microclimate that allows us to grow a diverse selection of fruits and vegetables. Our mission is to work in harmony with the four elements of water, ... Read More »

California Certified Organic Farmers

As one of the first organic certification agencies, CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) has strong roots in the history of the organic movement. Although our beginnings were humble, CCOF was instrumental in advocating for federal organic legislation; our organic certification standards were used as a foundation for the USDA National Organic Program, finally making “certified organic” a federally regulated claim. ... Read More »


The mission of the One Health Center of Expertise is to assess and respond to global health problems arising at the human-water-animal-food interface and to design, implement, and evaluate practical, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions that focus on the foundations of health in collaboration with local partners.Read more: Read More »

Earth clinic: Worlds largest collection of natural cures

Deirdre Layne is a widely respected expert in natural remedies and healthcare professional specializing in Energy Medicine. She is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Earth Clinic, which began in 1999 as a local site supporting Deirdre’s healing practice. People began using her website to share tried-and-true home remedies; they were most excited about the health benefits of apple ... Read More »


The water and sanitation problem in the developing world is far too big for charity alone. We are driving the water sector for new solutions, new financing models, greater transparency, and real partnerships to create lasting change. Our vision: Safe water and the dignity of a toilet for all, in our lifetime.Read more: Read More »

Hikes in San Luis Obispo County

This page is a collection of trails around San Luis Obispo, California. These hikes are listed roughly from west to east and north to south, but the table may also be sorted alphabetically or by distance to help you pick your next hike. Each trail links to its own report complete with photos, GPS maps, directions, and all other information ... Read More »